About Me

Fun and upbeat, tiny but powerful, and brilliantly original accurately describes petite singer/songwriter and actress, Aishlinn Kivlighn. Now 15 years old, this ball of creative energy has accomplishments well beyond her age. "I am young, but very serious about what I do."  This includes writing many of the lyrics and songs on her albums, professional music videos and numerous performances around the world. 
Aishlinn’s accomplishments are numerous. Just this year she performed at concert venues across the US, Ireland, Scotland and England. She recorded new music and shot new music videos in LA all while maintaining a 4.0 (A) average. She also serves on her school student body governance committee and participates in several other school clubs and activities.
Aishlinn resides in the Washington D.C. area where she began writing music at the early age of seven. "My interest in music was born from Saturday Morning Pick-Up Day when my family would clean the house while listening, dancing and singing to music." Like many kids her age, she is enthusiastic about her hobbies which include: hanging out with friends, cooking, swimming, shopping, and creative writing. 
Aishlinn is committed to giving back; Two of Aishlinn's original songs, "Never Too Young To Dream" and  "We're Extraordinary" embody her philosophy of giving both time and talent to help and inspire others. She volunteers her time to worthy causes in the DC area and occasionally performs on tours like Official Stand Up Tour and the All-Star Nation Tour – both tours provide Anti-Bully messages to school-aged children around the US.
Whether performing to live audiences or volunteering at charity events, she strives to connect with listeners using positive upbeat messages.

Currently, Aishlinn is writing and co-producing her sophomore EP which will be available in 2018.

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